Bryson A.
Bryson has lived with allergies, asthma, and frequent ear infections since he was one month old. He was always extremely fussy and would not sleep, so his mother took him to the doctor. They informed her that medication was the only way to relieve his condition, so they put him on Prednizone, Xoeponex, Albuterol, Amoxicellin, Zithromax, and Pulmecort (all at one month old!). However, these medicines did not help, and Bryson's mother was beginning to lose her mind. That's when she met Dr. Harding at a local Wal-Mart.

Dr. Harding advised her to come in to the office and just see how Bryson reacted to chiropractic care. Now, nine months later she says that "Bryson is a new child, it's like night and day." Bryson has not needed any of his breathing medicines and has become a happier, healthier baby overall. Bryson's mom says that she "is so grateful that she met Dr. Harding and decided to take Bryson to see him."



Jordan N.
Since Jordan was eight, she has had severe headaches. The doctor that treated Jordan in the past only tracked what she ate and how long she slept, and didn't even look at her head or neck.

Dr. Loew has now treated Jordan for several visits, and her headaches have decreased from three times a week to only about twice a month. Jordan's mother says, "I feel Scott has helped Jordan a ton. Everyone in the office is so nice and helpful."



Mildred H.
Mildred began her path to health through chiropractic when she was in her 30's. She was a chronic asthma sufferer, and her asthma attacks would put her in the hospital for extended periods of time. Mildred's husband was working for Dr. Cleveland, who was the founder of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City. After several series of treatments with Dr. Cleveland, Mildred noticed that her attacks became less severe, and eventually went away completely. She has been asthma free for over 60 years now.

More recently, Mildred came into our office after suffering with incontinence for over a year and lower back pain for over two months. After about four treatments with Dr. Harding, Mildred noticed that her incontinence and lower back pain were gone. Now she tells everyone in her retirement community about how Dr. Harding helped her so much, and she says that she is "A firm believer in chiropractic!


Teresa K.
Teresa came into our office with shoulder tightness and hip pain that had been off and on for two years. She had been to her medical doctor for the prolonged hip pain, and he had told her that nothing could be done. Many of her colleagues at the fire department told her to come in to our office, so she visited with Dr. Loew.

After several treatments, Teresa reports that her hip pain is completely gone, and the shoulders have improved greatly. She attributes the relief to the chiropractic adjustments and stretches she received at our office. She says, "I thought that I would have to live with the pain in my hip but Dr. Loew and the staff have shown me differently."


Lily D.
Lily has noticed tremendous progress with her care and says "the results are very noticeable."
She also says "The felling you get whenever you step into this office is so comforting. I would refer it to anyone, young and old. The staff is very caring and pleasant every time the door opens."


Clyde C.
Several months before joining our family, Clyde suffered with constant pain in his legs and frequent headaches. He tried pain relievers, with no result. Since beginning treatment, Clyde now reports that he can walk without pain in his legs and his headaches are less frequent. He also says "Sometimes I can't wait to come back, it relieves my headaches almost immediately.